What a Year!

by | Sep 23, 2020 | 0 comments

Lets start this blog!

Well what a funny year we’ve witnessed! Hands down the most memorable our generation have been privy to… a challenge to all but a show of strength, solidarity and community.

For Spent shells it has been a progressive year nonetheless, with the start of our first official staff member (my husband and friends plying me with takeaways and gin up to 11pm don’t count right?!) So with no shows this year its been a swift learning curve to the online world. Timing however was on my side as I initiated the start of this new website just at the start of ‘Covid Season’ I’m not sure I fully anticipated the effect a new site would have! With online gifts at a premium, friends showing thoughtfulness and partners having to remember birthdays in advance, the personalized range went so well! We have so many new products to introduce to you and things in the pipeline.


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