6 Perfect Occasions to Don your Coloured Fedora

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Do you, remember that feeling of having to dress up? Yeah, me neither. 

It’s been a while since getting “dressed to the nines” was a thing. With most people working from home and switching their whole way of life, we’ve gotten used to staying casual. 

But now, at the end of Lockdown 3.0 and with social gatherings beginning again, it’s time to break out your best clothes and dust off your hats. 

Fedora hats, to be precise. 

Their classic style has been leading the world of badass accessorising since 1889. They have been used as a symbol for women’s rights and have helped nail looks for both genders for years.  

But where should you wear them? And what colours are best?

They aren’t just meant for shoots or strolls in the forest. Fedora hats are a statement accessory for plenty of occasions. And I’m going to tell you the right place, time and way to show them off. 

So get ready, keep your hat on, and march out to these six events in style. 

  1. Festivals – Burgundy Fedora

Festivals are making a come back. With Summer looming, there are plenty of them ready to open their gates for beats, belters and beers. 

With a grey start to the year, it’s no wonder the festival outfit trend of 2021 is colour. Get ready to see pops of the rainbow in accessories, clothing and makeup at every music event.

Our Burgundy Fedora has the perfect tone to create that chilled vibe with a rich hue that even the most stylish of Glastonbury goers would envy. The feather details truly make it. 

  1. Weddings – Camel Fedora

I imagine you probably know someone who has delayed their wedding this year. Or perhaps you yourself are that person?  It’s finally time for expectant brides and grooms to put a ring on it.

But when it comes to wedding fashion, stuffy, rigid accessories are old hat now. 

Boho chic is here to stay, and what better way of expressing it than with our gorgeously creamy Fedora in camel. 

Whether you are the bride to be or a teary-eyed onlooker, turn heads with feather details and a lighter tone that screams elegance. 

  1. Birthdays – Slate Grey Fedora

Lockdown birthdays were a little disappointing. But things are looking up. Parties and get-togethers call for you to look your best, and our fedora in Slate Grey is simple yet stunning. 

It’s the perfect finishing touch to any get-up, adding style without detracting from your gorgeous outfit. 

Use it to add some casual vibes to a party dress, or amp up your jeans and top combo. With plenty of different feather styles, you can change the way it looks for each birthday bash you’re invited to. 

Cheers to that. 

  1. Races – Rich Blue Fedora

For a day at the races, blue is classic. 

Royal Ascot and Newmarket summer events are much anticipated this year, and finally, people can physically be there. 

You’re going to want to make an impression. 

This Fedora’s colour is named “rich blue” for a reason. Its hue is luxurious and deep and can be worn with all sorts of styles. 

Wearing a hat is, of course, tradition, but with plumes that grand, you know your outfit will be a front runner. 

  1. City Break – Black Fedora

The green light has been shed on countries we can visit, and holidays within the UK have never been more popular. So pick a city and explore. London, Manchester, York, there are tons of options worth discovering. 

Perhaps you’ve already picked a spot to visit. Now it’s time to dress for it. 

A Black Fedora is a staple. Edgy yet refined, sporting it with jeans and a leather jacket will freshen your look for ultimate city vibes.

  1. BBQ – Forest Green Fedora

Hats are a fashion staple. But they are also beneficial for your health. 

With Summer around the corner, you want to make sure that your head is kept cool, calm and collected, even when you’re doing an insanely delicious BBQ. 

Green symbolises nature. But it also just looks fantastic. Donning it with a casual garden party look will put a bit of oomph in your outfit, and I promise, you’ll look fresher than any of your BBQ ingredients.

We’ve laid down some rules. But you do you. 

We’ve put down some of the most important trends and suggestions for your beloved fedora, but you should always think about getting creative. 

Accessories rock. They are the butter to your bread and will always be on hand to change up your outfits and nail your looks. 

Fedoras are one of the most versatile hats you can own. The colour combos and feather details are endlessly changeable and can be used to express your personality. 

So express away. Experiment, dare to try new styles and always tailor your looks to you. 

Are you looking for something specific for you and you alone? We do stellar commissions. 

Get in touch, and let’s make something stunning. 


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