Christmas Crackers (6)


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These Beautiful crackers are plastic free, cardboard crackers with a mixture of spent shells gifts inside. The crackers come in a beautiful brand new by-product box, with a ‘key’ card to help you allocate specific gifts around the table. The gifts are coded by the feather decor on top of each cracker. Treat your family this Christmas around the table. If you have any specific requirements or personalized items please email at

Cracker prizes:

Bottle opener (engraved)


Key ring cartridge

Key ring falconry Jess

Hair clips tweed

Small pin m/f

Small cuff links

Earrings stag silver

Earrings stag gold

Earrings feather

Tie clip

Leather cartridge keyring

Miniature hipflask engraved

You can let us know who’s round the table so we can gift accordingly, and even personalise cracker items (engravings or leather embossing) for an additional cost, thanks sarah

Please note:  boxes are brand new but from a dissolved  gift company, rather than see these boxes go to waste we have re-labelled with our own branding to provide you with a beautiful presentation for your chosen gifts.