Customised Feather Embellished Shoes

If your looking for a truly bespoke statement piece then look no further than these exquisite feathered shoes, available in a range of feather options to compliment your outfit, these are bespoke as they come! The process is simple, simply pop a pair of shoes (as clean as possible please and free from straps) into the post and we will give them a new lease of life! Wether there a new pair especially for the process or your old faithful confused that are just too stained for the next event but too reminiscent to throw away. Please drop us an email and we will guide you through the process and can also provide accessories to compliment and tie the outfit together!

(A deposit is required on receipt of shoes due to this being such a bespoke item, we work closely with our clients to ensure the finish is what they are after throughout the full process)

Price vary £50.00 – £65.00


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This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.